My( lost in )Space

People are talking about how MySpace has launched a much-needed redesign. I haven’t checked it out, mostly since myspace is the neandrethal man of social networks, the one we needed to learn how to use tools, but that should have died off millenia ago. It’s only alive on the island of the lost since facebook hasn’t arrived there yet.Seriously – there’s no need to look at it to know it will fail. The only people still using MySpace are teenage-has-beens in their 20s that got stuck with their old accounts, and 50-year-old pedophiles still trolling the net 10 years after their target audience has matured.

You never hear MySpace mentioned in any positive fashion. You never see MySpace on billboard ads like you see facebook and twitter next to any national campaign spread. In fact some campaigns are pointing people to their instead of to But MySpace is all but invisible. It needs to be put down, or at least put in a home.See my predictions about where social networks are heading. They’re not heading towards myspace. Zuck tells me facebook is the internet and I believe him. MySpace is like the Royal Post. It might show up in a Kevin Costner movie about the apocalypse and the fall-of-mankind and how a lonley postman passed myspace pages back and forth to keep the American Dream alive, but until then I bid it adieu!


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