Why I Love My Job

Allow me to introduce myself. I have the greatest job ever at TechCrunch. I get to write about what’s happening in the tech world and how entrepreneurs are changing the world. By that I mean that I get to write about myself and “disguise” these things as valid journalism.

For example a couple of weeks ago I wrote about how Andrew Mason isn’t humble. Some awful woman in  Seattle complained about Groupon almost killing her business, and I used that as a platform to show how I predicted this by asking about their non-defensible business model, and how I also asked that question of the Webvan CEO just before they closed and how I think the hype cycle is stupid. What were we talking about? Oh yes – me.

Then I got to interview Peter LaMotte. By “interview” I mean that I got to talk a lot about me, and ask Paul Carr question. Do you think anyone noticed I kept asking Paul questions instead of the interviewee? Oh yes – Peter someone was in the room also. Can you count how much of the interview was actually me talking ? I think I had 50% air time at least!

Anyway enough about me for now. Next post will be about me also.


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